Client Testimonials

Mrs. Aladesanmi advised us to move our children to a new school system, we prayerfully took her advice. We are GLAD WE DID. Our children are performing very well in their new schools. They are blossoming socially and academically. Mrs. Aladesanmi is passionate about her work and highly dedicated to her students. She always says parental involvement is key to academic success. I am glad I partnered with her organization, Pro Educators Plus, for my children's academic success.

- Yemisi Adeniji, USA

"Mrs. Aladesanmi invited my son, Samuel and I to come on a tour of GA Tech. We went and I am glad we did. It was an amazing experience! My son had always wanted to go to GA Tech, a%er the tour his desire to another level. We had a private tour guide, a GA Tech senior who was extremely generous with his me, he encouraged the students to ask quesons, and he answered all of them. This is my second college tour experience with Pro Educators Plus, the )rst one was tour of Vanderbilt, which was also an amazing experience! My daughter Isabella who is currently a senior at Walton High School gained immensely from Mrs. Aladesanmi's college applicaon processing workshop. The workshop alleviated our fears and reduced Isabella's stress and anxiety. I highly recommend Mrs. Aladesanmi's services.

- Patricia

"During my college admission experience I learned that it is always good to prepare way in advance than to wait till the last minute. Over the summer I decided to work on college essays so that I could practice the skill and get a good understanding of what colleges are looking for in the essays they receive from prospective students. It really helped to write essays over the summer because when I started applying to schools early, I already had a pretty good idea of what and what not to include in my essay. It made the process a lot easier for me because I wasn't nervous about what to say. I was confident in my responses to their questions, relaxed, and took my time. The most important thing that I learned from working with the Academic Success organization is to just be yourself when writing an essay because that's the best opportunity for colleges to recognize character. I know that writing an essay over summer break may not seem like the most fun thing to do, but it is definitely worth obtaining the experience, in the end if it means getting into the college of your dreams. Without the Academic Success organization pushing me to work hard when others weren't, I wouldn't be who I am LSU tiger!" Class of 2019.

- Casey Wortham

Applying to Ivy League schools in general can become a daunting task to say the least, but Ms. Folashade's services easily eliminate much of the stress. I have to thank Ms. Folashade personally for shrinking my grandiose expectations - of the requisites necessary to become a student at Harvard – down to a comprehensible and attainable reality. Having an insider to tell me what colleges are truly looking for was like interviewing someone immediately after taking an exam that I was about to take: I went in knowing what to expect with confidence and poise. With the right combination of blessings from God, support from my family, and diligent hard work from Ms. Folashade, I am now officially invited to be a part of the Harvard Class of 2018.

- Amber L.

"I am now officially invited to be a part of the Harvard Class of 2018"

"This trip has been outstanding! Touring Harvard, MIT, and Brown was an amazing opportunity. If I put in the effort I believe I can get admission into any of these colleges." - Nifemi Owolabi

"The tour of Harvard, MIT, and Brown opened my eyes to all the opportunities out there for me. I think I discovered the school that I want to go to." - Tosin Sanusi

"This trip has been an awesome experience. Before now, these colleges were just names. But now that I've met the people, I really appreciate their perspectives and I can be one of them." - Temi Sanusi

"The Vanderbilt tour was truly amazing. It opened my eyes to scholarship opportunities." - Isabella Parades

"I had a wonderful time at Vanderbilt. I was able to meet new people and vist a wonderful university. These college tours are great because it causes you to start to think and plan ahead." - Claire Cheng

When I was looking for an admission for my daughter, I met Mrs. Folashade Aladesanmi through my son who is a student at Preston International School. Mrs. Aladesanmi encouraged me and also guided me through the admission process. I can attest to the fact that Mrs. Aladesanmi is genuine and sincere.

Ibiwary Lilly_Tariah

Ms. Folashade's work is a true testimony to her heart: she is focused, determined, and eager to help any and all of her clients succeed. She has the character of a truly noble woman, and her services reflect nothing less. I am a mom whose daughters are graduates of one of the best college preparatory high schools in Georgia, The Walker School. Now in retrospect, I see the importance of enlisting the help of a college admissions consultant to the admissions process. It adds the one on one help that students can never get from any school counselor. If you have students who are serious about getting admission into the colleges of their choice, I highly recommend Mrs. Shade Aladesanmi, an education consultant and founder Pro Educators Plus as your consultant. She know her stuff and she is dedicated and passionate about helping her students.
Mowunmi Ologunja, Cobb County School Specialist Educator